Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Close proximity of forest fire and photography

Recent fires near the house, closest was the Martin fire, has given me a new appreciation for digital photography. We had about 20 minutes to evacuate our house: important stuff only (cats, kids, cameras, clothes, papers, wine, negatives, hard drives).

Our house was safe, as were my family and I.

However, this event has given me food for thought.

Upon sane review of my 'saved' materials, I got most of the goods but I found that the cream of my negatives were hiding out in the nooks and crannies of our funky mountain house. And I was immediately much, much more thankful that our house was spared any damage.

Our digital images, on the other hand, were ALL safe and sound in a big external hard drive. That thing took about 1.5 seconds to disconnect and put into a box, done; full stop. Just more to consider while I grouse about camera prices, sensor sizes, and drive capacities.

My final thought is one of thanks. Thanks to fire crews: air and ground for stopping the blaze; two houses lost is two too many, but lots fewer than could have burned. Outstanding effort folks!