Thursday, November 15, 2007

The GTI: Little Rock

Little Rock, AR; one of five state capitols based on the national... not sure about the big brass door though.

The GTI: Jackon, Mississippi

I was on my way to Camp Shelby
near Hattiesburg, MS to see where my Uncle Tsuk trained to go overseas with the 442nd RCT.

Stopped in Jackson for a bathroom break and headed out to Hattiesburg.

The South is an interesting place. My visit to Camp Shelby was enlightening. In it's years of disrepair after the War, many of the war-time buildings were sold or destroyed. Some of those buildings were where many soldiers were barracked including the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and 100th Infantry Battalion. All that remained were some over-grown dirt roads and concrete pilings similar to the ones I'd find at Amache, Colorado.

But what's more interesting was where the barracks were. Japanese soldiers who were released from segregated captivity were housed with white soldiers, not black soldiers. Ain't that a kick in the head?

The GTI: Montgomery, Alabama

I did more photography in a few months during the Summer of 2005 than I had in the four years I lived in Carrboro, NC. The images of my car are proof of a coast to coast journey, driven by the question: "When's the next time I'm going to be here with my own car?". So, I made a point to drive to every traveled state's capitol on my way to California.

I headed out to Selma to cross the Pettus Bridge and follow the March Route. When was that stretch of road designated the DeSoto Trail and the Jefferson Davis Highway? Before the march?

After photographing a little bit of town and visiting the Voting Rights museum i sat in a small close-by park and ate lunch. I didn't have a definite direction or next destination. Like Yojimbo, I threw a stick into the air at the cross-roads: North West to Arkansas or South West to Mobile. Arkansas it was. Little did I know Hurricane Katrina hit the coast in those days I would have been in Mobile.